Who is the IEWG?

The International Ecumenic Working Group was founded in 1950 by representatives of different churches. It offers a plattform of professional exchange in terms of the pastoral care among deaf/hearing impaired people and their families.

In this video you can learn more about the IEWG and its work.

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Executive Committee

The IEWG executive committee ist the leading board of the IEWG, elected by the general assembly every four years. The executive committee maintains the inter­national network [...] Learn more


Members are churches, religious groups and denominations as well as individuals, e.g. pastors, deacons and other ministers. More information on how to become a member you will [...] Learn more


IEWG was founded over 50 years agoThese 50 years have been diverse and interesting years.Further information concerning the IEWG history you will see here. Learn more



Every two years the IEWG offers an international conference-meeting. Topics are international questions of the deaf community and the pastoral care. The topics are discussed in [...] Learn more


Here you can submit your ideas for the IEWG... Learn more